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1.1. This policy sets out the environmental commitments for the Global Infusion Group (‘the Company’).

1.2. Creating a sustainable working environment and minimising effects upon the environment are of great importance to the Global Infusion Group. To realise this objective, the Global Infusion Group is committed to a process of continual improvement.

1.3. The Company recognises its responsibility to respect the environment and will strive to achieve environmental best practice through its day-to-day running and operational practices.

1.4. The Company’s environmental commitment is driven by its employees, including: part-time, full-time and sub-contractors, and at all operational locations, including: event venues and the head office.

1.5. It is the Company’s strong belief that every individual working within the Company has a duty of care for the environment and sustainability. We are always mindful of environmental issues and we believe that the pursuit of economic growth can be linked to ecological conservation. This is a collective responsibility of government, business and the community.

1.6. This policy does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment and we may amend it at any time.


2.1. In the course of the entire Company’s operations, and within resource constraints, we will improve our environmental performance by:

2.2. Prior Assessment

2.2.1. The Company aims to assess our impact before starting a new project and before leaving a site. This is essential when working within foreign climates and native customs.

2.3. Energy demands

2.3.1. Conserving energy, water, paper and other resources, particularly those which are scarce or non-renewable, while still providing a safe and comfortable working environment.

2.3.2. Reducing waste through re-use and recycling and by using refurbished and recycled products and materials where applicable. e.g. we recycle all paper, cans and bottles, where practicable, and only use CFC friendly disposable cups.

2.3.3. The Company aims to develop and provide products and services that have no undue environmental impact, that are safe in their intended use and that are efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources.

2.3.4. Ensure all residual wastes are disposed of responsibly. e.g. all grey waste will be disposed of using specialised waste management contractors where reasonably practicable. Where drainage is not available on site we will arrange for grey waste to be stored and removed from site. We also double bag rubbish in order to avoid any spillages and will remove all our waste from site if a prior arrangement is not in place.

2.3.5. We turn off all lighting and electronic equipment when not in use and have a strict policy for switching off and unplugging overnight.

2.3.6. On site at an event, our crew are diligent in checking that lighting and equipment are turned off when not required and we ask suppliers to do the same.


3.1. Minimising, where applicable and practical, the use of ozone depleting substances and minimising the release of greenhouse gases, vehicle emissions and other substances which can cause harm to health and the environment


4.1. Ensuring the Company abides by all relevant, current and foreseen statutory regulations (including the Environmental Information Regulations).

4.2. Ensure that all contractors working on site also comply with the same procedures

4.3. Developing and maintaining emergency procedures for quickly and effectively dealing with significant hazards, in order to limit the risk to health and environment.


5.1. The Company aims to educate, train and motivate all employees on their activities in an environmentally sustainable manner taking into consideration differing regional views on such matters.

5.2. The Company aims to promote the adoption of these principals by contractors and suppliers acting on behalf of the company, encouraging, and, where appropriate, requiring improvements in their practices.

5.3. Responding in an appropriate and timely manner to external requests for environmental information.


6.1. The Company aims to contribute to the development of public policy and to business, governmental and intergovernmental programmes and educational initiatives that will enhance environmental awareness and protection.


7.1. The Company encourages all employees to take environmental factors into consideration when making any purchasing decisions and to favour those companies who are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


8.1. Wherever possible, staff travel by foot, by bicycle or by public transport to events and meetings.

8.2. Taxis are used rarely, where necessary, such as for very early or late journeys and must be approved by a director first. Staff are asked to share a taxi rather than booking separate ones.

8.3. We encourage telephone or virtual meetings where possible.

8.4. Proximity to events is a key factor in influencing our choice of suppliers.


9.1. The transport policies outlined above are also important in minimising damaging air emissions.


10.1. The Company embraces all cultures and we have a formal equal opportunities policy covering staff, clients and event guests.


11.1. We recycle all our office paper, card, glass, cans, used cooking oil and printer cartridges through our on-site facilities.

11.2. We ensure that as far as possible, all recyclable waste from events is recycled, either by the venue or where necessary, by bringing in external waste companies.

11.3. We aim to reuse event material and excess dry food as much as possible, either through other new events or through using them internally.


12.1. We apply a sustainable approach to our purchasing, asking:

12.1.1. Do we need it?

12.1.2. How was it transported and how is it packaged?

12.1.3. Have we investigated possible alternatives and sought the most sustainable and seasonal option?


13.1. The Company shall set annual environment improvement objectives and targets which are regularly monitored, evaluated and adjusted accordingly.


14.1. This policy statement updates and replaces all previous statements. The policy will be communicated and accessible for all employees and sub-contractors.


15.1. The Global Infusion Group are conscious of ecological matters and we believe that the pursuit of economic advancement can be closely associated to ecological protection. This is a communal responsibility of individual businesses, local and national government, and the entire community at large.

15.2. We will act in accordance with all relevant legislation in relation to the environment and will actively co-operate with the authorities on all Health and Safety and environmental issues. In rare circumstances, where regulations do not exist, we will always set our own standards of environmental care and endeavour to act diligently.