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Fulfilment Services

From our warehouse we manage seamless logistics, fulfilment and distribution for many SME and FMCG businesses globally.

e2b offers its clients an online ordering platform interface allowing clients to track order movements and status of all orders. It allows full traceability of stock inventory movements on inbound, outbound and within the warehouse environment.

Our WMS boasts all the necessary reporting and fulfilment information that is required to ensure your business has full visibility of its operations. Direct integration into shopping platforms which include and not limited to Shopify, WooCommerce and Wordpress.


Whether you’re an SME or a global enterprise, e2b can facilitate all your ecommerce fulfilment requirements. We offer a complete service, from storing your inventory and processing orders to the picking, packing, shipping and delivery of your products.

Our unique, bespoke services include technology and people-centric teams that will allow you to scale your 3PL (Third Party Logistics) at your own pace.

Marketing Fulfilment

Marketing Fulfilment

Our expertise in the picking, packing and distribution of products for bespoke marketing campaigns is unrivalled. Whether you are a brand or an agency, our specialist service ensures that the assets, collateral and campaign materials needed for it to be successfully activated arrive exactly where they need to be.

Our co-packing service can also support in creating the assets that you need for your campaign. This service allows us to build any type of marketing send out to a specific specification and is a service that is very popular with our clients.

Distributing POS

Distributing POS

We understand that your POS equipment is the first touch point for your customers and as such it’s vital that it reflects your brand appropriately. Here at e2b we can facilitate the delivery and, if required, the collection of all types of POS, from fridges to bottle openers and everything in between.

There are multiple solutions when it comes to delivery, including same-day, next-day and installation services. Booking this service is simple and is managed via our online ordering portal.



We can turn an order into a unique personalised gift or bundle for your customers by adding handwritten postcards or offering a number of other customisation options. Our staff are trained to process personalisation requests with each order as part of the fulfilment process.

We also support brands in creating bespoke bundles for their online shops, breaking down case quantities into marketing and influencer send out orders.



All stock is stored in our 100,000 sq ft state-of-the-art warehouse located close to all major road links (M25, M40, M1).

Each SKU and product type is stored in its own location whether it’s a pallet, shelf or carton as this allows us to manage the stock inventory. When any stock is located in the warehouse the journey of the stock is managed and recorded through our WMS.



Our kitting service is another example of how we deliver bespoke solutions for FMCG brands. We are able to create unique gifts, bundles and hampers for a wide range of applications, whether it’s distributing POS and products or fulfilling subscription boxes.

Our specialist technology has been perfectly optimised to manage transferring individual SKUs into kit SKUs to provide you with real-time inventory updates. Meanwhile, our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of kitting best practice, retailer requirements and packaging options so that they can give you the best advice.



Our specialised technology means we’re the ideal solution for delivering your promotional campaigns. Building on our kitting service we regularly support our clients with their co-packing needs, including monthly subscriptions and promotional campaigns such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Advent Calendars.

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We offer support for live events, brand activations, trade shows and experiential activity and have the expertise to manage all your requirements efficiently and cost effectively.
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Ecommerce & Subscriptions

e2b currently works with multiple customers that offer Ecommerce & subscription services to their consumers. Each client operates how these are managed, which in most cases, is through their ecommerce platform our WMS. Each way allows a seamless transaction through to the e2b account management and warehouse.

  • Account Management
  • Seamless Integration
  • National & International
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Kitting & Gifting

e2b provides complex pick & pack capabilities that allow clients to create bespoke campaign send outs, influencer boxes and co-packing retail boxes to name a few. We use our customers’ stock to fulfil unique consumer experiences that can be distributed through D2C or B2B channels.

  • Complex Pick & Pack Capabilities
  • Dedicated Team
  • Chilled & Ambient
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Chilled Logistics

Existing chilled customers require chilled products to be distributed nationally and we can provide this service through ambient services. This complex pick-and-pack operation allows us to prioritise chilled and perishable orders.

  • National Dispatch
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Chilled Storage
  • WMS Management